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Nov 28, 2019

Welcome to the ILM ‘View from the top’ podcast series by the publishers of International Leather Maker, the leading news and business information service for the leather industry.

‘View from the top’ aims to provide listeners with invaluable insight and perspective on the global leather industry through opinion, comment and more from ILM’s authoritative and experienced editorial team, industry experts and influencers. Regular featured contributors in this series are ILM’s Martin Ricker and Isabella Griffiths and well-known leather industry expert and columnist, Mike Redwood.

There are two free to download episodes each month, no more than about 15-20 minutes in duration, educating listeners on a variety of topics and trends and what this means for the future of the leather industry.

Launch episodes will include opinion pieces on ‘Leather in the modern world’, ‘Leather as a sustainable material’ and ‘Leather, fast fashion & animal welfare’ to name but a few. Episodes aredesigned to appeal to all parts of the supply chain, including tanners, suppliers, brands and retailers.

Further online leather industry related content by ILM can be found by visiting our website, subscribing to our weekly e-newsletter, downloading the App or registering to attend one of our regular webinars. For more information go to